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Monterey Peninsula Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Center Monterey Peninsula Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Center

Monterey Peninsula Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Center
20 Lower Ragsdale Drive, Suite 150, Monterey, CA 93940

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Monterey, CA

Reliable Pet Care & Ownership Resources

Pet Resources From MPVESC

We remain committed to educating pet owners on responsible animal care practices. The care we provide only goes so far, and in many ways it is the treatment pets receive at home that actually makes the greatest difference to their health and well-being.

Monterey Peninsula Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Center also believes that you should be kept up to date on developments in the veterinary world that may benefit your animal companion. New treatments, medications, and breakthrough discoveries are constantly being made, and it can be very useful to know what options are currently available for your pet.

MPVESC News & Resources

We have compiled a number of links to reliable pet resources and articles for all kinds of pets, including birds, reptiles, and exotics, as well as a pet loss library full of supportive tips and sources for owners grieving the loss of a pet. You also can see what's new with us by visiting the MPVESC news page.

Clients looking for a new animal companion may be interested in our pet adoption page. Here you can browse our listings of pets looking for a new home. All the animals shown on the adoption page were strays brought to us by concerned citizens, often with a very special history and circumstances, that we've cared for and are now ready to move into a good and caring home. And to get an idea of what the MPVESC community looks like, we invite you to browse our pet picture gallery and check out the pet of the month and pet memorial wall.

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